Who am I.

I'm amateur astronomer and member of the club STAR since 1991. My biggest interest is the activity on the sun and it's influence on the Earth in shape of aurora.
I'm also interested in astrophotography where I take pictures with help of my SLR camera, which I piggy-back mount on my simple telescope's equatorial mount driven by a RA motor drive.
When the sky is too bright for aurora and astrophotography I take photos of other light phenomena in the sky like haloe, rainbows and more.

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Look at the view from where I take most of my astrophotos
Analog cameras and lenses.

My equipment

Minolta SRT 101 A mechanical camera body very well suited for astrophotography.
Minolta X700 A camera body dependent of batteries to work. 
Used for other photo than astrophotography.
Fisheye 16mm/2.8 Very good lens for aurora and other atmoshperic phenomena.
Lens 20mm/2.8 I have big expectations that it will give me nice 
pictures of aurora and the sky.
Lens 28mm/2.8 A Tokina lens which I'm very pleased with
Lens 35mm/1.8 A very fast lens for aurora photo.
Lens 50mm/1.7 I use this for family photo.
Lens 135mm/2.8 This lens is very good. Even at full stop.
Lens 300mm/5.6 Used for photos of the sun and the moon with a 2x converter.
Lens 28- 70 mm Seems to be very good.
Soligor fisheye adapter Bought with adapters so I can use it with both my SLR cameras and digital cameras. Gives a round image
Konica Lexio70 A compact camera which I carry with me all the time.
Fuji Zoom Date 2.8 A compact camera with a focal length of 24 mm and aperture 2.8 Will replace the Konica Lexio 70 if it works well.
Mamiya 645 1000S

Medium format camera.

Lens 45mm/2.8  
Lens 80mm/1.9  
Lens 210mm/4.5  
Digital cameras and lenses.
Olympus C5050Z A digital camera. Used for aurora photography.
Olympus C2040Z A digital camera. Used for aurora photography.
Konica-Minolta D5 Digital system camera.
Sony A700 Digital system camera.
Canon 1100D Modified for astrophotography
Zoom 18-55 Canon lens
Zoom 18-70mm

Minolta lens

Zoom 18-70mm Sony lens
Sigma 10-20mm For both the Sony and Konica-Minolta
Sigma 20mm/1.8 For both the Sony and Konica-Minolta
Sigma 70-300 ED For both the Sony and Konica-Minolta
Qcam5 Used for autoguding.
Telescopes and mounts.
Regatta 4.5" reflector Mostly used for piggy-back mounting of my camera.

Orion80 ED

HEQ-5 Mount With Boxdörfer MTS-3 SDI controller.
Lidl 70 mm refractor Used as guiding telescope.
SkyWatcher 120ED  
William Optics 71 ED  

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