My favorite links.

Sun related links.

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Space weather prediction center

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Here you can find reports about what has happened on the sun the last day. Forecast about the near future sun earth interaction can be read to

ACE Real Time Solar Wind.
Real time data from the ACE satellite about the solar wind speed and the interplanetary magnetic field.

MTOF Proton Monitor
Real time data from the SOHO satellite about solar wind speed ,the interplanetary magnetic field

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch.
A lot of data about the sun and the aurora. Here you can find a program, STD Aurora Monitor that you can download. It has many links to Aurora and sun related web-pages.
A popular science page about the sun, the aurora and some other astronomy related things.

Solar images at SDAC
Pictures of the sun from different satellites.

Sodankylä All Sky Camera

Look at the aurora in real time.
Kiruna All Sky Camera.
Aurora in real time.


Links to people that have had the kindness to link to my pages.

Pages of Gote Flodqvist
Aurora/astrophotography page. Description of equipment and observations. Here you will find a description of the PBM and the compass magnetometer.
Pages of SM4IVE
Aurora and radio amateur page.
Die Polarlicht Seite
Homepage of Thomas Sävert. Here you can find a huge collection of links.
Lutz Schenk.
A page about astronomy and aurora and a lot of links.
Ulrich Rieth
A page about aurora and astronomy. Here you will find information about special events on the night sky and what has happened on the sun.
Apage with images of the sky both astronomy and atmospheric optic photography with explanation of the phenomena.
Astrofriends homepage
A most impressive site.



Geomagnetic pages.

Kiruna magnetogram

Norway different magnetograms

Nurmijarvi magnetogram


Atmospheric optic pages.

Atmospheric Optics.
A great page about halo and other atmospheric optic phenomena. Here you can find Halo3 a great program to simulate halo phenomena.
Arbeitskreis Meteore e.V.
Another great page about halo and other atmospheric optic phenomena.


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